News and Events
  • Interest Rate reviewed for Saving Account

    16th July, 2014
    Interest Rates for Saving Accounts are reviewed and will come into effect from 1st Sharwan 2070

  • Head Office Location Changed

    1st June, 2014
    Our Head Office location is changed from Kamalpokhari to Gyaneshwor..

  • we wish happy vijaya dashami and deepawali to all our valuable customers.




  • Special Annual General Meeting.

    1st July, 2011
    The Special Annual General Meeting (EGM) of Kuber Merchant Finance Limited is going to be held on Monday, 18th July...

  • Kuber Merchant Finance Limited has started its ATM services at Newplazza

    Monday, 11 April, 2011
    Kuber Merchant Finance Limited has started its ATM services at Newplazza...

Debit Card

“Kuber Easy Cash Cards”, which makes you able to make payments for shopping, meals, travel, entertainment; virtually anything money can buy in most of Departmental Stores, Cinema Halls and much more places.

By having this one, you will definitely change your perception Kuber Easy Cash card is not just an ATM card. We give you an opportunity to reorganize and explore the endless joy of shopping and spending directly without problem about finding an ATM Machines. So, change the way you spend and Kuber Easy Cash card is just the money you need.


Be smart choose always “Kuber Easy Cash” card!

You can purchase throughout the following POS terminals without having any additional payments than its price

You may access any of the following terminals: (Click Here)


We (KMFL) have been providing free KUBER EASY CASH card facility to its valued customers through SCT Network. SCT (SmartChoice Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is the prime ATM Network Company in Nepal which is established with the provision for access to Saving Account as well as Current Account through Kuber Easy Cash Card. Till now SCT has more than 500 ATM (Automated Teller machine) and more than 1000 POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals under its network all around the nation. Thus customers can collect their money from different parts of country where SCT ATM machine is available, anywhere and anytime through several ATM machines and POS network with SCT.

To facilitate our valued customers with all possible banking services and equipments, we have introduced FREE ATM Service at Kamalpokhari to access your account 24hrs a day. It is also notified that All SCT Network ATM Card can be used in the machine.



  • Change the initial PIN supplied to you before performing any transaction through the card.
  • Never leave your card in open places exposing it to the risk of loss or theft.
    Exercise due care while transacting through the card.
  • Keep yourself updated on the latest news and notices regarding card transaction.
  • Use ATM preferably during the day.
  • Keep your card at hand and do not enter the ATM if you feel that you are being followed. Nor should you attempt to use ATM when in the company of a stranger
  • Do not accept help from anybody, though they may seem friendly, even if your card has been withheld by the ATM. Inform the Bank if your card is withheld by the ATM.
  • If you have to use the ATMs at night, avoid going alone. If you traveled by a vehicle, park it as close to the ATM as possible.
  • Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is nothing but your electronic signature. You should not let anybody other than you use it.
  • In the event of any incident of doubt, ask for help from any of the bank officials at a nearby branch of report the incident telephonically to the bank's Customer Care.
  • If there are others nearby the ATM when you are withdrawing money, use one hand to enter your PIN and the other to cover the keypad discreetly so that no one may see your PIN No..
  • Employee of the Bank will ask for PIN. If any one does, please report the matter at once to the Bank.
  • Memorize your PIN. Do not write it down on a paper. In case if you have to keep your PIN in writing, never keep the PIN and your ATM Card on the same wallet.
  • Do not leave your documents carrying personal information at the ATM. Destroy them if you no longer need them.


Annual Charge NPR 200.00
Replacement Fee NPR 200.00
Supplementary Debit Card NPR 200.00
Debit Card Renewal / Replacement NPR 200.00
Stop Payment for Lost Debit Card NIL
Cash Withdrawal Fee NIL on Kuber Merchant Finance Limited’s ATM
NPR 25.00 on SCT Member Bank’s ATM
Balance Inquiry Fee NIL on Kuber Merchant Finance Limited’s ATM
NPR 3.00 on SCT Member Bank’s ATM
PIN Regeneration Fee NPR 100.00

*Note: The Bank reserves the right to amend the charges at any time with or without prior notice to the Cardholder and such amended charges shall be binding on the cardholder.